CMI Industries is a supplier of solutions; is a guarantee of quality and reliability Made in Italy.

For more than 35 years CMI has invested its best resources in continuous technological research, designing and manufacturing innovative filling and capping systems able to respond to different requirements and achieve new goals every day, anticipating the market’s expectations.

CMI industries has several different divisions to design, manufacturing, assembling and testing its unique machines. They are innovative and technological and they pack also food products.

For several years CMI Industries has been experiencing a phase of great growth and renewal in the technological field thanks to the constant innovative research that characterizes the Company. The competitive advantage of CMI Industries is to focus on satisfying specific customer requests with regard to continuous innovation, combined with the integration of a customized service.

Thanks to this attitude we present a new machine born for food cream (both sweet and salted). It is a LINE BRUSHLESS 6, automatic linear filling machine with 6 filling nozzles with 1000 ml dosers

for food creamy product with one or two colors.

La macchina può essere realizzata con differenti caratteristiche in base alle necessità del Cliente: può avere un numero maggiore od inferiore di dosatori, può prevedere o meno la possibilità di dosaggio bicolore, può terminare con un tappatore a presa positiva e comunicare con una macchina soffiatrice.

Nata per le creme spalmabili è adatta anche al dosaggio di latte, succhi di frutta, marmellate, composte e miele.

The machine is very adaptable to costumer’s needs: you can choose a lower or higher number of dosers, you can choose production with one or two colors, you can add a closing station after the filling station or a blowing station before it. This machine was born for kitchen creams but it is also suitable for milk, yogurt, juices, jam and honey.

Main technical features:

  • Output 5000 pcs/h by 750 gr unicolor
  • Output 3000 pcs/h by 750 gr two-tone
  • Filling range from 50 gr up to 1000 gr
  • Bottles selection and transport group by means n. 2 scrolls (front&back) managed by Brushless motors, adjustable in depth and height with a handwheel.
  • Adjustable and storable speed by operator’s panel
  • Service tank, 65 lt capacity, mirror polished with spherical bottom, heated with hot water (of your supply), with max pressure 3 bar
  • Loading hopper, 80 lt capacity, mirror polished with flat bottom connected to the side walls. Hopper covered with the heating band with temperature control
  • Hopper and valves mounted on guides with frontal sliding for easy cleaning
  • N. 2 min / max ultrasonic product level sensors + vibrating too full safety sensor
  • Manual valve for product delivery form the tank (for cleaning operations)
  • Filling by volumetric dosers managed by brushless motors, one for each doser
  • Dosing adjustment by means touch screen with storable recipes
  • Pneumatic valves for product delivery into stainless steel dosing cylinders
  • Product delivery nozzles made in stainless steel with gaskets suitable to the product to fill, with suction valve and tape collecting drops
  • Stainless steel rear tray for collecting drops from the conveyor belt, complete with scraper blade
  • Dosers in-ground stainless steel, which can be disassembled using clamp fittings
  • Gaskets suitable to the product to fill
  • Delivery valve support and hoppers with height adjustment by means gear motor
  • Filling machine managed by PLC SIEMENS S7 1500
  • Electric panel and operator panel with data set by 15” touch screen
  • Safety guards with security micro according to EC standards with machine total closure and glass shockproof panels.

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