Carlucci Srl is a well-established company that operates in the high-quality cartographic industry, with particular reference to the production of self-adhesive labels and packaging solutions. A highly qualified labour combined to technologically advance printing systems, rank the company among the leaders in the Italian and European markets.

Efficient, dynamic and flexible regarding planning and delivery, Carlucci SRL offers a complete and highly qualified service, with more and more competitive products that are able to adapt to any customer requirement.

Our choice falls to Cartes because of their passion, innovation and attention to customers’ needs.

These values match our “modus operandi”, and after noticing our same perseverance in pursuing certain goals, we immediately felt that we made the right choice.

When we think about Cartes we think about advanced technologies, professionalism and a common language. We are a family-run business, and with Cartes we found the best combination of right procedures and human contact.

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