Canning technology

Centrifuge technology

Quality is not negotiable

Ferrum AG unites three different companies under one roof, whose products and services flow into a wide variety of economic sectors and serve as the basis for a large number of end products. 

The broad diversification of the product range leads to a reduction in risks. Worldwide activity on all continents, a high degree of self-financing and economic independence secure the company a strong position with excellent future prospects.

Ferrum employs around 800 people and has its own locations in Rapperswil and Schafisheim (Switzerland), Glendale, WI, and Havre de Grace, MD (USA), Mumbai (India) and Kunshan (China).

Ferrum is a global player. Its key markets include the food and beverage industry, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Canning technology | Ferrum can seaming machines are a byword in the food and beverage growth market, famed for pertinent innovations, advanced technology, Swiss quality and reliability around the globe.

Centrifuge technology | With over 80 years of experience, more than 6,200 centrifuges sold and outstanding expertise in controlling processes, Ferrum is a force to be reckoned with in centrifuge technology for the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry.

Cooperating and communicating with our suppliers is one of our key priorities | As an export-oriented SME, tackling major challenges on behalf of its customers is routine work for Ferrum. In order to remain successful in the market, we need top products at competitive market prices. They must be reliably supplied to increasingly tight schedules.

What Ferrum offers and expects | Ferrum works with qualified reliable partners and is fair in its business relations. Decision-making is generally based on competitive principles.

Ferrum wants to develop together with its partners. Suppliers are selected on the basis of several factors. These include reliability, flexibility, quality, and a capacity for leanness, economy, and the ability to innovate.

Bought-in products must be effectively priced at the going market rates. Ferrum has decided to introduce the principle of lean management in order to meet its customers’ requirements. It is therefore essential that products be delivered promptly to ensure that assembly cycles are not interrupted.

Products of impeccable quality supplied ready for assembly, go without saying. 

Local and global | Ferrum depends on local and global purchasing markets in order to secure premium products and services for its customers around the globe. 

Quality is not negotiable | Ferrum assesses its suppliers periodically according to a defined catalog of criteria, and communicates the result. External audits are conducted to verify whether the required standards are observed. 

Ferrum conducts random sampling to check that the required specifications are fulfilled, but it does not regard itself as an extended quality assurance instance for its suppliers.



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