CMI Industries

CMI packaging is used for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical products.

CMI Industries is a group holding several patents.

CMI Industries machinery for process innovation.

CMI Industries was born in 1982 and since then designs and manufactures innovative and highly technological machinery for the transformation and packaging of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical products.
To date, after more than 35 years of activity, CMI Industries is a Group holding several patents, formed by different brands with a specific know-how in the various sectors of reference and equipped with a versatile and flexible organizational structure and internal departments of design, production, assembly, and testing.

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CMI Industries is a supplier of solutions; is a guarantee of quality and reliability Made in Italy.

For more than 35 years CMI has invested its best resources in continuous technological research, designing and manufacturing innovative filling and capping systems able to respond to different requirements and achieve new goals every day, anticipating the market’s expectations. CMI industries has several different divisions to design, manufacturing, assembling and testing its unique machines. They

CMI Industries
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