Tubitex Solutions For Food Film Producers

Tubitex is an Italian company specializing in the design and sale of industrial cardboard tubes. Established in 1976, Tubitex is among the leading European manufacturers of tubes, coils and cores in spiral and rectified cardboard for the producers of plastic food film, the paper and graphic industry, the textile sector and pack- aging. Its products are appreciated in Italy and throughout the world for their quality and the guarantee of high performances in the heavy and high speed windings of paper, plastic film or synthetic yarns.
Products for the food packaging sector

Tubitex addresses the food packaging sector with a wide range of plastic film tubes for fresh food packaging. The products are made of 100% recyclable cardboard and can be re- used one or more times, depending on the type of use.
The cardboard core material consists of 90-95% recycled fibers and 5-10% natural vegetable and inert substances, to allow their disposal together with the paper, in compliance with the optimization logic of industrial food packaging and the regulations in force concerning packaging.
Tubitex cardboard cores for polypropylene, PVC, polythene and polyester films, coupled films and print- ed films are characterized by high wrapping speed and high mechanical resistance.

These qualities make them suitable also for extreme processing. Tubitex cores are designed respecting the specific needs of the food and non- food industry, in full compliance with the sector’s technical standards and the national and European health and hygiene standards.
The commitment to environmental sustainability Over the years, Tubitex’ constant commitment to technological innovation and attention to environmental sustainability have allowed it to achieve important goals in terms of energy efficiency. In 2016, the Tubitex production plant in Barbarano Vicentino (Vicenza) was equipped with a photovoltaic system capable of producing up to 785,000 kWh/ year, equivalent to 68% of the company’s energy needs. The use of the photovoltaic system prevents emit- ting 256,933 Kg of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, and represents a fundamental step in the environmental sustainability journey undertaken by the company.

Furthermore, Tubitex is now in the final stages of a journey that has taken it, over the last decade, to evolve its own production and management processes towards more standards ethical and environmentally friendly standards, which will be checked and certified in the coming months according to ISO 14001:2015, with a view to embracing an increasingly eco-sustainable and informative philosophy. In addition to that, a Life Cycle Assessment process was launched, with the aim of quantifying the environmental impact of products throughout their entire lifecycle, from their use as raw material to their disposal. During this analysis, through the operational models defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the consumption of the entire life cycle of the product in terms of raw material, water and energy and of the waste generated in the environment in the form of emissions into the air, water and soil will be calculated. Based on the information collected, Tubitex will take all the necessary measures to reduce the environmental impact generated by business processes. A customer-focused approach

From a qualitative survey conducted in 2017 by the Cerved research institute on behalf of Tubitex, it emerged that 95% of our client companies are fully satisfied with the product and service received and 72% of them would recommend our company to other people. Among the most appreciated aspects are the high performance of the products, the flexibility in managing order changes, compliance with technical specifications and speed of delivery times.

Versatile products for different production sectors
Tubitex cardboard tubes are suitable for many uses, from the wrapping of various types of paper for the paper industry to the spools for the spinning of chemical fibers for the textile sector, from the production of labels and adhesive tapes to that of cardboard containers for the packaging industry, the graphic and paper industry. In addition to the normal spiral tubes, Tubitex produces ground cores with a smooth surface, without the undulations resulting from the matching of the finishing papers.
This type of product is suitable for films with limited thickness, or in all the applications that make it necessary to rewind quickly both plastic and special films.


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