The European packaging sector will once again gather in Nuremberg at the trade fair for packaging, technology and processes. Around 1,300 exhibitors and 35,000 trade visitors are expected. The main theme at FACHPACK will be “Transition in Packaging”, which reflects the current changes associated with sustainability, digitalisation and altered consumer behaviours in the industry. 

This key topic will be addressed at the exhibitor stands and through the forums, special shows and awards ceremonies that are an integral part of the trade fair. As of now, interested companies can register for FACHPACK 2024.  

All relevant information is provided on the new website 

FACHPACK is a compact, three-day exhibition that is an important compass for the European packaging industry and its customers. It presents a comprehensive range of solutions across the entire packaging process chain for industrial and consumer goods. As well as highlighting cutting-edge trends and providing direction, it presents innovative solutions and delivers answers to the burning issues affecting the packaging sector. 

The participating exhibitors offer products, machines or solutions from the following segments: packaging materials, packaging and accessories, packaging and bottling machinery, labelling, marking and identification technology, machines and equipment in the packaging periphery, packaging printing and finishing equipment, palletising technology, intra-logistics and services for the packaging industry. FACHPACK enables them to reach their most important target groups. 

85% of trade fair visitors are in executive roles 

Whether they are purchasing officers, packaging developers, project managers, marketing specialists, production managers, managing directors or business owners – FACHPACK attracts high-calibre visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Benelux, the UK, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary. One in three visitors travels to Nuremberg from abroad. 

FACHPACK enjoys widespread approval: According to the results of a visitor survey conducted by an independent institute, 95 percent of the professional audience at the last FACHPACK in 2022 were (highly) satisfied with the range on display in the exhibition halls. No less than 84 percent of trade visitors stated that they were involved in their company’s purchasing and procurement decisions. And more than half of the visitors were in leadership roles. Trade visitors came primarily from the following segments: food, luxury food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and medicine, cosmetics, chemicals, electronics, automotive, commerce, packaging and logistics. 

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Anyone wishing to keep up to date with the latest news and information on packaging before and after the show itself should take a closer look at the brand-new news portal FACHPACK360°, which provides a panoramic perspective on the issues affecting the European packaging industry. In the form of interviews, articles and video presentations, FACHPACK360° supplies the answers to the packaging questions of our times and helps its readers transition to altering consumer and industrial goods environments. It’s available online 365 days a year! Interested? 

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