The companies belonging to Packpact and their sectors

Cama Group, founded in 1981, is a world  leader in the engineering and manufacturing  of automatic packaging systems, secondary  packaging lines and robotics for integrated  and complete packaging lines. Since 1987 Clevertech Spa manufactures and  sells machines and plants for the end-of-line  automation, such as palletizers, winders and  depalletizers for the food&beverage, home  care, pet-food and personal care sectors. Ilpra Spa is an innovative company operating  in the packaging sector since 1955,  producing a wide range of machines and  technological solutions for the packaging  of food, cosmetic and medical products. Its  60 years of activity make it an undisputed  market leader both in Italy and worldwide. Makro Labelling Srl is a leading company  in the production of industrial labelling  machines for the food, beverage, home,  personal care and pharmaceutical sectors,  committed to giving its production a decisive  turn in terms of environmental sustainability.

Ronchi Mario Spa is a manufacturer of  machines for packing liquid products, founded  in 1966. It is an international leader in the  packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,  personal care and home care products. Tosa Group is one of the most important  companies in Italy in the production of end-  of-line technologies. Owner of TOSA Group,  MIMI and CMR, it is a fundamental point of  reference for the stabilization and safety of palletized loads. Universal-Pack Srl is a world leader in the  production of vertical automatic packaging  machines. Since 1965 it has been designing  and manufacturing packaging machines  and complete lines for primary and  secondary packaging for all sectors: food,  pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical. The Cama-Clevertech line offers a complete end-  of-line packaging solution for pet-food boxes with 4  outfeed lines, and a robotic unloading and feeding  system. The line receives pouches in 4 flavors, which  are then conveyed by a Clevertech depalletizer on 10  lanes to the Cama feeding conveyors. The pouches  are scanned by cameras that send the relevant in-  formation to Delta robots for loading using a specific  software. The input speed for each flavor is 135 car-  tons/min, for a total of 540 pouches/min for the entire  line. The products are divided into groups of 8, 12 or  24 in interlaved configuration into boxes or in groups  of 4 in flow-wrap trays. Once the boxes have been  filled or the trays have been packaged in flow-wraps,  everything is conveyed to the wrap-around system for  packaging in the shipping crate. Finally, a palletizer  carries out the final operations of loading and preparing the pallets. The fully automatic Clevertech system  guarantees the handling of trays and cases, including  the re-entry of empty trays to the stacking station and  their inspection through a vision system that detects  the presence of residual products in the trays and  activates the ejection function. The “custom” system,  developed by Cama as a unique solution with an identical mechanical design and software architecture, is  integrated with the TPM solution, ensuring minimum  maintenance levels. The “Toll – less” format change-  over is compliant with the TPM system and is programmed in a PLC hardware-software environment  for the handling of cartons. Moreover, it is the ideal  solution for the management of products’ layered configurations after the processing phase. This system fully meets the needs of the market with multi-flavor, high-speed lines and allows changing flavors with a 50% reduction in time compared to the  competitors. The flexibility, multi-packing capability  and the perfect integration of the two lines offer a 30%  more compact footprint than ever before. Some innovative systems that can perform multiple functions in a single unit-practical  examples of the collaboration between the companies belonging to PACKPACT – are  the solution developed by Cama Group and Clevertech for the pet-food sector and the  complete line made by Clevertech and Tosa Group for the dairysector. Another successful project is the milk sealing system designed by Clevertech and Tosa for  Aurora Dairy, an organic milk producer in North  America. From the spiral lifter to the pallet stack-  er, the end-of-line system minimizes the trans-  fer cycle to the forklift and has been designed  and assembled by Clevertech integrating the  stretch film wrapping solution from Tosa Group.

The system consists of 2 palletizers that convey entire pallets to 2 stretch film wrappers with  rotating ring. The wrappers are equipped with  a device for the application of dust sheets and  pallet lift for the wrapping cycle, including the  covering of the wooden part. The automatic re-  placement of the stretch film and the automatic  sealing of the dust protection complete the extraordinary features of this system, which can  handle up to 80 crates per minute. Clevertech and Tosa’s perfect mechanical and  electrical design ensures the same materials  and components for both supplies, as well as  the same documentation, the same interface  and an identical software structure developed in  accordance with PACKML guidelines. The integrated design of the system gives the end-user  the unique opportunity to take advantage of a  complex and articulated solution in a single unit.

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