Innovative approaches for paper-based packaging with polymers Author: Dr. Bettina Plaumann, Kuraray Europe, Segment Team Paper & Packaging Various trends and requirements are currently transforming the packaging market: renewable raw materials, reducing the amount of packaging material, cutting CO2 emissions, monolayer packaging, recyclability, repulpability and biodegradability – to name a few. The overriding and most

Research into sustainable packaging: thousands of ways to replace plastic

Sustainability – as a corporate value, driven by consumer awareness and the need to preserve planetary resources – has become a topical trend for companies in all areas of business, engaged in researching innovative solutions. The food and beverage industry is no exception and has come up with a number of possible solutions aimed at

Packaging made out of cup plant fibres-an eco-friendly alternative?

One trend that has clearly come to the fore within the packaging industry in the last months and years is the shift towards paper-based packaging. But the rise in demand is increasingly putting a strain on supply, and packaging manufacturers aren’t the only ones facing raw material shortages, both when it comes to virgin fibre