Powtech -“Each label, a new story“

The wide range of LABELPACK® products includes the reliable series of LABELX® labeling machines equipped with high-efficiency hybrid stepper motors and an operator interface capable of applying labels up to 140-250-350 mm wide. For high-speed applications, the LABELX® RM series is available with double motorization with speeds up to 80 m / min and frequency up to 900 p / min.

The range of LABELX® solutions is completed by the LABELX® JR model, the automatic labeling machine for industrial application proposed with the best price/quality ratio. All the labeling machines in the series are designed for the integration of thermal transfer printing units or the classic hot coders. There is also a wide range of pneumatic applicators that can be easily customized. The X-STICKER model is available for entry-level applications, the innovative “low-cost” labeling machine designed by LABELPACK that revolutionizes the construction concepts of a labeling machine by combining construction simplicity, excellent design, ease of use at a very attractive price.

LABELX® and LABELX® JR are the heart of the integrated labeling systems MODULAR and COMPACT series designed to address labeling needs with ergonomic, reliable and easy-to-use solutions. The systems of the MODULAR series are built on the basis of an “open frame” structure in stainless steel on which the various labeling modules of the LABELX® series are integrated for application on the top and bottom of the trays that contain the products.

The system is equipped with a control electronics with PLC and Touch Screen panel, the operating speeds are all electronically synchronized and all the adjustments are equipped with numerical indicators to facilitate format change. MODULAR systems can integrate different product transport systems made according to the dimensional characteristics, weight and shape of the container to be labeled. All transport systems are integrated in a “balcony” position allowing easy cleaning of the area under the machine itself and preventing any spills of liquids or the product itself from reaching parts of the machine that are difficult to clean and sanitize.

The intrinsic modularity of these systems has made it possible to successfully tackle labeling projects in all industrial sectors, in particular various customized systems have been designed and built for the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. COMPACT is the entry-level series of automatic labeling systems produced by LABELPACK. The range of COMPACT systems includes 8 standard models and countless customized solutions. The COMPACT systems are equipped as standard with the LABELX JR 140 ER labeling unit but can also integrate the upper models according to the speed of application and the label size.

The transport modules can be customized according to the needs of the production line. The reliable print & apply units of the PandA series are available for product and packaging identification, which represent the best solutions for identification at the end of the line. PandA is a print & apply unit equipped with a basic module capable of integrating all the thermal transfer printing modules offered by Honeywell, Zebra, Sato, Avery, Carl Valentin, and Cab.

The printing modules are capable of printing variable data with small fonts, one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar codes with the highest print quality, sending the print data is easily managed with the BarTender software which allows you to wax and store the various labels and integrate them into the same data from systems management systems, weighing systems and other automations. The electronic management of the new PandA® series is entrusted to a PLC with Touch Screen operator interface.

Thanks to the wide range of applicators already available, PandA can be easily integrated into process automation, packaging, packaging and automatic palletizing and allows labels to be applied on one or more sides of the product.

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