Piperwork Systems For The Highest Requirements

With two product lines, JACOB is exclusively presenting a modular pipework system with extra security for particularly hygienesensitive industries at POWTECH 2019 in Nuremberg. Safety and hygiene are top priorities when conveying food. JACOB meets this requirement with the FOOD GRADE line.

The system complies with both the European EC 1935/2004 and the American FDA food regulations. Likewise, most plant facilities can be built from standard parts. The FOOD GRADE line has more than 3,000 products to choose from. But yet again JACOB can produce any special part needed.
Particular care is taken with the FOOD GRADE line: All products which come into contact with food are examined critically to perfect their design and materials. Product contact parts in the FOOD GRADE line, which are made entirely from stainless steel with a quality of at least V2A/1.4301, are ideal for transporting hygienesensitive items. The U-shaped seals are particularly interesting: They are made by vulcanization. This means they are produced without using adhesives.

They also comply with European and American regulations. Another advantage: They are more resistant to many aggressive chemicals than conventional seals.
Pollution of the product stream with fragments from the pipework system that could remain after assembly or maintenance work, represents a particular danger.

The DETECTABLE DESIGN line provides even more security when it comes to producing bulk goods where hygiene and purity are essential.
Although metallic objects such as screws can be traced with metal detectors and washed out, seals and material fragments have been difficult to detect until now.

This has changed with the
DETECTABLE DESIGN line. JACOB has succeeded in adding metal particles to the U-shaped seals and rubber covers. Metal detectors can therefore reliably identify these items so that they can be removed from the product stream.
All products also comply with EC 1935/2004 and the FDA guidelines.

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