Industrial wood packaging

Professional, Rapid and Complete Packaging Service for Shipping and Transportation of Goods. We are specialists in the design and construction of wooden packaging. We make customized products and solutions suitable for every need. We have been working since 1992, for more than 127 companies across Italy and worldwide, in multiple sectors of plant engineering, such as mechanical, chemical, electronic, food, etc…

Our Adaptability, Speed and Comprehensive Support enable us to produce strong and safe packaging and quickly meet all kinds of needs and demands of our customers. With Production Capacity of over 1,000 m3 of processed wood per month, and with capacity to increase production by 30% on demand, LBA can guarantee constant and timely supply for every industrial packaging supply need.

LBA has:

• 10,000 m2 indoor, 14,000 m2 outdoor space at the Tronzano Vercellese facility

• 1,000 m2 indoor, 5,000 m2 outdoor space at the Castel San Giovanni facility

For a total warehouse space of 30,000 m2.


In addition to industrial packaging solutions, LBA offers a comprehensive service for the implementation of packaging. The process of placing and packaging goods inside containers often represents the most costly and time-consuming aspect in terms of man-hours for the client.

For this reason, LBA provides a complete packaging service, which can be performed either at your location or by transporting your goods to our facilities.

Thanks to our expertise in loading regulations and containerization, LBA is capable of implementing the most suitable procedures for each client’s needs.

Every packaging may require additional protections or accessories to maximize its effectiveness and adequately safeguard the goods during warehousing, handling, and transportation. LBA provides specific consulting to determine when it is appropriate to include coatings, fastening elements, protective films, moisture reducers, or other additional accessories during the packaging phase, ensuring comprehensive and effective protection for your merchandise.

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