Hamamatsu Photonics developed several new UV-LED lamps for industrial printing. These light sources are specially designed for curing and UV-coating drying in digital, analog and 3D printing. 

The series “LIGHTNINGCURE® LC-L5G” has been on market since few years, it offers many solutions for several printing applications; GP (pinning) and GJ (curing) series are designed for digital printing, while GL series is designed mainly for analog printing. 

Recently the new L15346 series is in release: this source is optimized for pinning and it achieves high irradiance HAMAMATSU – NEW HIGH PERFORMANCES UV-LED LAMPS FOR INDUSTRIAL PRINTING YOUR PACKAGING INSIDER YOUR PACKAGING INSIDER (24 W/cm2) with air cooling. The high power of the lamp allows to perform the final curing processes with a compact design; the high power enables also to achieve incredibly high maximum speed in curing processes for flexo, offset and digital printing. 

The GC-113 series is optimized for pinning and it achieves optimal irradiance for this application (10 W/cm2) with air cooling. This series features a very high accuracy of the emitted irradiance. 

The compact design, the analog and the digital version of the lamp allows integration into different printing machines design, several wavelengths are available (365, 385 and 395 nm). 

The new “side-on” type GC-77S series is capable of irradiating light in the direction perpendicular to its installation surface, this allows easy integration even in very tight locations. For this series 365, 385, 395 and 405 nm wavelengths are available. 

Thanks to the special design of the emitting area, all Hamamatsu UV-LED lamps can be connected in order to fit any printing width. In order to fulfill market needs Hamamatsu is committed to continuous technological innovation, several new light sources are under development and will be released during the next months to achieve many advantages for printing applications. 

– Mixed wavelength series: high irradiance UV-LED lamps which irradiate different wavelengths at the same time (365/385/395nm). This characteristic allows more flexibility in the ink choice and this can lead to price reduction and improvement in printing quality.  

– High irradiance water cooling series: very compact design and extremely high emitted intensity, designed for high performances offset and flexo printing. We will also develop a new high stability type for high precision printing processes.  

– “Forced-air” cooling UV-LED lamps: since the air flows through a duct, the lamp doesn’t need any fans and very compact design and high irradiance are possible. The lamp does not generate neither dust nor air flows, moreover “forced-air” cooling prevents overheating because the air used for cooling is not taken from the environment surrounding the lamp, making it possible to integrate the lamp in tight places.  

– Collimated UV-LED lamp: irradiance level is stable over a long range of working distances, this lamp is suitable in particular to treat not-uniform surfaces or with embossed texture and for those applications where the substrate is not stable and a long working distance is necessary. 

For any further information please contact us at info@hamamatsu.it

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