Duetti packaging: designs and produces end-of-line packaging systems

Duetti Packaging with decades of experience, designs and manufactures complete lines for the automation of secondary packaging. The high level of personalization in the solutions, ensures that the individual requirements of each and every customer can be met.

The expertise of the technical and commercial staff allows us to identify and develop the most effective decision to streamline packaging operations for end-of-line and logistics.

The production of Duetti Packaging includes the complete range of machines involved in packaging, with connections and data interfaces with other parts of the line, both upstream and downstream.

The range of equipment starts with depalletizers, to take empty containers and feed them to the filler and then further down the line Duetti Packaging, with its cartoning machines takes back control of the containers which can be bottles, (both glass and plastic), canisters or jars and inserts them in preformed cases that can be later closed by adhesive tape or hot melt glue.

Duetti packaging next can palletize boxes, cartons, shrink-packs, trays, crates with a wide selection of machines available from the production range with all modes of automatic palletizing possible, i.e.: Cartesian, gantry, sweep (high & low level) as well as industrial robots. From the palletizer we go to automatic pallet wrapping with rotary table, rotary arm, ring stretch-wrappers or hooding machines all available.

The wrapped pallet is not necessarily the end, as options exist to transport pallets with Duetti Packaging shuttle car systems and range of AGV/LGV models automatically to the warehouse without the need for forklifts or operators, the same systems can be used for feeding stacks of empty pallets to palletizers or placing the pallets on the ground.

Duetti packaging management software can ensure traceability and warehouse operations with integration with a company management system. In the end when the product needs to be stored in the warehouse Duetti Packaging, in partnership, can provide automatic warehousing as well as picking/depicking solutions for multiple pallets.

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