CDA Deutchland: Labelling, Filling Machines And Packaging Lines For All Sectors Of Activity

Based in Leun, Hesse, in Ger- many, CDA Deutschland is backed up by more than 30 years’ know-how in the packaging of products for every type of industry, allowing it to offer its customers the best labelling, filling and screw-cap- ping solutions.

In Germany, each geographical area is covered by its own team which is ceaselessly continuing to expand to satisfy the ever-growing demand.
Part of our workforce is dedicated to providing technical support for our customers. CDA Deutschland ensures the maintenance and troubleshooting of your packaging equipment throughout Germany and, more broadly speaking, worldwide thanks to our three entities (Germany, USA,

Machines suited to a large number of industries
Our range of machines was originally developed for adhesive labelling applications for the wine trade. Our first labelling machines were designed for winemakers seduced by the advantages of adhesive labels which do not come unstuck when the bottle is placed in an ice bucket.
Very quickly, our adhesive label solutions won over other sectors of activity thanks to their precision and excel- lent cost effectiveness.
Today, a wide variety of industries place their trust in us: agrifoodstuffs, paint, chemicals, e-liquids, cosmetics, winemaking, brewing…
CDA’s main strengths? The fact it offers a range that addresses small producers, SMEs and major groups alike with its semi-automatic and automatic machines.

Our range can be used to package a very broad range of products: containers of all sizes, whether cylindrical, oval, rectangular or tapered for labelling on the side, top or bottom of the products.
Labelling, but that’s not all!
On the strength of the sound experience it has gained labelling products for all industries, CDA diversified into the product filling and screw-capping sectors. This threefold competence allows us to serve as our customers’ sole partner for all their packaging needs. We now propose a broad range of solutions for filling, screw-capping and labelling products of every type and for every industry.

K-Net Auto, the multi-purpose filling machine
In  our  range  of  filling  machines,  the K-Net  Auto  stands  out  as  the  ideal multi-purpose solution. Equipped with the pump best suited to the liquid(s) to be injected (after being assessed by our Design Office), this automatic filling  machine  can  handle  a  multitude  of  products  from  a  variety  of industries:  soap,  detergent,  hydroalcoholic  gel,  colouring  agents,  fruit juices, olive oil, vinegar, honey, syrup, jam, etc. With a filling precision of ± 0.5%, the K-Net Auto ensures the precise filling of your containers at a rate that can be as high as 1,200 flasks/ hour.  It  benefits  from  a  number  of functionalities  ensuring  it  is  easy  to use and clean (intuitive touchscreen management, stainless steel convey- or with recovery channels, automated product   pacing,   fluid-metering   systems, with pistons…).

E-Fill, the complete adaptative line
Overwhelmingly   approved   by   many industries  such  as  e-liquids,  essential   oils   not   to   mention   agri-food-stuffs, CDA’s E-Fill takes the form of a  complete  line  par  excellence.  This all-in-one   unit   ensures   the   filling, screw-capping   and   labelling   operations  for  containers  with  just  one ultra-compact   automatic   machine. With  filling  precision  of  ±  0.5%  and a rate of up to 25 products/minute, it  can  place  one  or  two  labels  on flasks  of  between  5ml  and  1L  (with a  maximum  diameter  of  90mm).  In line with our watchwords of versatility and adaptability, the E-Fill includes a pump suited to the viscosity of the product to be packed and is suitable for packaging a large number of formats. Its integrated touchscreen, stainless steel conveyor, rotary product accumulation table and labelling height-setting by electric column offer a real utilisation comfort for its operators.

Find out more about our all-in-one labelling and filling range on our website or by contacting our team directly!

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