AVANT-GARDE: The leading projects of the Packaging Première and PCD Milan initiative for the most innovative packaging of the year revealed

Packaging Première and PCD Milan have unveiled the projects that make the next edition of Avant Garde unique, an initiative highly charged with innovation that actively involves exhibitors, design and branding agencies, material producers, luxury packaging suppliers, and startups in the creation and realization of innovative products in terms of packaging design, sustainability, or materials.

Divided into three categories – innovative materials, sustainability in the production chain and in the realization of the proposal, and innovative design for aesthetics, design, and functionality for the brand and the consumer – the projects were evaluated by a highly qualified jury composed of industry experts: Anna Pellizzari (Head of Advisory at Materially) and Giusy Bettoni (CEO and Founder of C.L.A.S.S. – Creativity Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy) for the innovative materials category; Federica Brumen (Sustainability, eco-design and corporate relations expert, Research and Development area at Comieco), Irene Ivoi (Designer/Consultant at CONAI) and Massimo Ramunni (Secretary of Aticelca) for the sustainability category; Fabio Pastore (Graphic Design Manager at Arcturus Group), Tommaso Pecchioli (Art Director, Owner and Founder of Officina Grafica), Vincenzo Maccarrone (Art Director, Owner and Founding Partner of Officina Grafica) and Elena Ornaghi (Creative Coordinator at Vera Lab) for the design category.

All projects will be exhibited at Packaging Première & PCD Milan 2024 in the AvantGarde area. The winners of the three categories will be awarded on Thursday, May 23, at 11:00 AM in the conference room of Packaging Première & PCD Milan.

The innovative materials category is represented by:

Lamberti with Esacote® BIO BC 100, a 100% biobased coating obtained from tomato peels through an innovative patented process, offering excellent water, fat, and oil barrier properties, respecting the principles of sustainability and circularity.

• Qwarzo®, with its invisible mineral-based (silica) coating that enhances the performance of the material it coats, particularly paper, creating a barrier without compromising its recyclability or compostability, offering a pure and unprecedented sensory experience.

• Revation with ARLT (acronym for All Road Lead To), ecological products made entirely of paper like Paper Cleaner, an innovative lint remover that replaces the previous plastic body with a perfect paper mold implementation.

• SMUSH Materials with the new circular and natural material made from fermented organic agricultural waste through mushroom mycelium.

• Sulapac Solid with an innovative injection molding material, completely biobased, that resembles the appearance, tactile and sound sensation of ceramics.

• SLEEVER® with the innovative LDPET® low-density sleeve-label characterized by a striking holographic effect, selected by the L’Oréal Group for the launch of its ELVIVE PRO BOND REPAIR SHAMPOO.

• Fedrigoni with FUTURA, a project born from the collaboration between Fedrigoni Special Papers and Albini_next from which comes the Fedrigoni denim effect paper made with fabric waste and allows for reducing the amount of virgin cellulose in production, recovering textile by-products destined for disposal.

The winning project is Esacote® BIO BC 100 by Lamberti; Special Mention for the extraordinary technology to Qwarzo®.

The sustainability category is represented by:

• CM Cartotecnica Moderna and Icma Sartorial Paper with Rinascimento, a 100% recycled paper produced in a circular economy using the waste generated by CM Cartotecnica Moderna.

• Koehler Paper SE with the pouch made for Loacker’s Best of Moments product in FSC® certified Kraft paper with an inner heat-sealable coating.

• Legoplast, with the new sustainable line of bags and pouches Eva Green, an innovative sustainable material of Italian production obtained from sugarcane.

• Mainetti with Blue Dust, which recycles old pre-consumer jeans or manufacturing scraps transformed into flock powder to give them a second life inside boxes, backpack-shoppers, labels, and tags.

• Nissha with Pulp-Injection, a new injection molding technology developed using pulp and starch instead of plastic and a new cosmetic pot in biobased and compostable Sulapac®® material.

• Scatolificio Girola with SELENE, an eco-friendly display made of overlapping micro-wave layers, with low environmental impact, recycled and recyclable.

• IDP Direct with Eco Logico, a mono-material packaging, 100% recyclable, designed for retail and e-commerce.

The winning project is Rinascimento by: CM Cartotecnica Moderna and Icma Sartorial Paper.

The design category is represented by:

• Revation in collaboration with UNGSAM developed Ungsam Vital Ginseng Packaging, which redefined the traditional approach to ginseng packaging, making it unique with a majestic representation of the mountains and the sleeve design that captures the essence of the highly concentrated ginseng flavor.

• Revation in collaboration with NOSTALGIA, a premium Hanok hotel brand located in the center of Seoul, with eco-friendly packaging for makgeolli, a Korean alcoholic beverage.

• Pozzoli with the paper and cardboard reproduction of the iconic Devotion Bag by Dolce & Gabbana to create a unique “gift pack” for D&G cosmetics and perfumes.

• Co&In with Crafted to disappear, a box entirely in mono-material, with colored corrugated and a tag made of soluble paper, printed with soy-based ink, embossed relief, and woven paper tape.

• Dongguan Mingfeng Packaging with Panda-Inspired Gift Packaging, an egg-shaped container with creative elements reminiscent of pandas. The main body is made with biodegradable materials.

• Advision with the label for Luna Park by Corte Moschina, with an eccentric and playful soul, to accompany the consumer in a whirlwind of sensations and Lume Spin, a simple game, a hand-painted spin ning top that becomes the perfect pretext to narrate human creativity and its unique ability to break the mold.

• J Point Plus with Zip-Up, boxes made with special papers and zipper opening, combined with V-cut technology, characterized by perfect angles, magnetic neck, and custom internal padding.

• Corvasce Savino with an iconic packaging that conveys the love for environmental sustainability translated into the language of design.

• All4Labels with Motherland, concept labels that embody a premium design, with refined motifs, different textures, innovative printing techniques, and precious details using certified papers, sustainable decorations, and recyclable elements.

• Cerve with the pressed glass bottle of the highest quality with an extraordinary refractive index, detailed engraving on the bottom of the wind rose, black ceramic decoration, made for Dior Prestige Le Nectar Rechargeable.

• James Cropper in collaboration with the Scottish single malt whisky brand Bruichladdich and the design agency Thirst from Glasgow with Luxury Redefined, a completely sustainable and plastic-free outer wrapper, made with colored films, the first of their kind in the whisky sector.

The winning project is Ungsam Vital Ginseng Packaging by Revation in collaboration with UNGSAM.

May 21-23, 2024, Milan Allianz MiCo – Gate 4


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