Altech Solutions For Printing And Application Of Self-Adhesive Labels.

ALTECH offers a wide range of completely customized automatic labellers and labelling systems to meet the needs of many industrial sectors such as food & beverage, chemicals, cosmetics, pharma and the component industry. For printing and applying labels, ALTECH has designed the code systems, which enable customers to print and apply labels, in any position, on both stationary and moving products.

Depending on the type of product and application, the code systems can be fitted with the following applicators:
• Air-jet applicator for moving products
• Tamp applicator for contact labelling of stationary products
• Swinging roller applicator for contact labelling of products moving at
high speed
• Multi-format swinging-plate application system, for applying labels
of different sizes
• Rotary arm applicator for front/ back and/or corner labelling of both stationary and moving products

Print&Apply version with rotary arm for front labelling of the jar
This specific configuration is suitable for labelling boxes and packs which
normally need a front label with an identification bar code and variable
data such as lot number, expiry date, and more.
In a typical application on thermoshrinked packs of jars containing
the sauce, the code system is supplied with a SATO printer (for printing
identification barcodes) and a rotary arm applicator.
The code is installed directly on the packaging line and, thanks to its light rotary arm and application pad air-jet, it reaches a speed of over 25 packs per minute, while ensuring consistently high levels of label positioning accuracy.
Finally, all machine parameters can be displayed and managed according to the applicator using a color touchscreen display.

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