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PFM Packaging Machinery is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Filling and pressing and packaging of the meat sector, filling and pressing and packaging of the dairy sector.

Filling of the press and packaging of packaging recognized by the sector.

PFM Packaging Machinery is the parent company of the Group and provides administrative, technical and commercial coordination to all other companies.
The company, based in Torrebelvicino, in the province of Vicenza, designs, manufactures and markets packaging machines: measuring and beverage sensing sensors, measuring sensors for beverage storage, automation of food industry, beverage industry automation, flowrap and fill & seal forms and systems Automatic packaging.
 The production for the bottling sector is as follows: filling plants for canning industry, food filling machines and food packaging machines, filling filling machines and packing machines for canning industry, lines and filling and labeling machines for the food industry.
 In addition, the PFM Packaging Machinery range also includes electronic components for food production lines, electronic components for food packaging lines, electronic components for canning industry packaging lines, food industry sensors.
In addition to the machines and lines mentioned above, PFM Packaging Machinery manufactures: automatic bakery and dough factories, pizza production lines, bread-making machines for bread-making industry, food-processing pasta.
Always in the bakery sector, it also produces confectionery equipment
Equipment for plumcake industries, volumetric bread breakers, spiral kneading machines for baking industry, industrial plant lines for confectionery, dough dosing machines
The range of products includes about 40 different models including: filling valves for beverage industry, vacuum technique for food packaging systems, temperature sensors for food packaging, command and software technology, flowrap packaging and form fill & seal, various systems Automatic feeders and a variety of accessories for customized operations at customer’s request.

In the packaging sector, PFM Packaging Machinery manufactures wrapping machines
Confectioners for wicker industry, packaging machines for snacks, bottling equipment, packing cans, packaging containers and film industry cheeses, snack packers, vacuum packing machines for dairy industry
The proddoti range for dairy is varied, including cheese labeling packaging, cheese labeling packaging, food industry homogenizers, cheese sterilization plants, cheese processing machines.
 PFM produces machines for various sectors of the food industry, complete fruit processing lines, fruit juice plant, semi-automatic mango machine, tomato concentrate line, including mozzarella cheese, portioned cheeses, meat, confectionery and fruit and vegetable products .
Of great importance are the sectors of bakery products and non-food items such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
The technical office, made up of highly specialized engineers and designers, develops day-to-day technologies for filling and pressing and packing the meat industry, filling and pressing and packaging dairy industry, filling press and packing packaging industry-recognized among the world’s best in terms of Of the innovative level of personalization and performance.
The Area Manager staff manages and coordinates an active sales force in 70 countries around the world.
The Customer Support department supplies spare parts and technical support in real-time thanks to the many technicians and testers who have innovative service tools such as Teleservice.
PFM Packaging Machinery is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

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