Small capsuling machines and self adhesive labelling machines

Repair and building of cold gluing wine labelling machines.


The company Cirio Germano & C. was incorporated in 1977 and its main activity was the repair and building of cold gluing wine labeling machines.

This kind of machines was targeted at small wine businesses mainly.

For over 30 years the business has been able to grow, enhancing its services and moreover conquering esteem and prestige worldwide year after year.

Over the years the company has been able to change by integrating the new generations, too. Thanks to the know-how, both handed on and acquired, this change has allowed starting the production of glue labeling machines, small capsuling machines and self-adhesive labelling machines, which have enabled the company to turn to customers of mean wine as well as food undertakings on the international market, too.

This still developing aspect is also confirmed by the brand being steadily and constantly present in all the major and important international exhibitions.

The new philosophy of our company has been laid out in the ineluctable not be departed from the idea of the MADE IN ITALY, which is the leitmotiv in any step and department of the business.

With extremely proud we may affirm that every step, from the feasibility study through the engineering and building up to the marketing, takes place on the Italian territory solely, thereby enabling the company to survey the product and have the possibility to recognize margins of enhancement to adequately tackle critical situations.

This aspect is SECURITY towards our customers, who have repaid us for years now with more and more consistent and steady loyalty.

Our products are designed in a basic layout enabling to work out later tailor-made customizations fit the individual operation situations subject to customers’ special requirements/needs.

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