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Cama Group can supply both packaging machines and specifically designed robots.

Cama's most modern break-through generation (BTG) systems

Since 1981, CAMA is an international leading company whose core business is the engineering and the production of complete high technology secondary packaging systems for major multinational groups both in the food and non-food markets.

Our in-house robotic solution has been fine tuned over the years to work in perfect harmony with vision systems; and this tight integration is illustrated by the pick speeds and accuracies we can achieve. In addition to robotic guidance, quality control is another major beneficiary of the contemporary vision solutions we deploy

 With the BTG, Cama is moving a step forward in packaging system automation, renewing its extensive machines and robots portfolio by adding new features strongly demanded by the End Users looking for increased reliability and efficiency.

Our packaging design department studies the quality, the material, the shape of the cardboard to be used. Much depends on the product; in fact, it is different if it is a dry product (such as biscuits or baked goods in general) rather than frozen. In addition, the message and information for the customer must be adequately presented in the package design.

It is a project to be tackled with competence and great attention: materials, shapes, graphic design are all elements of a coordinated project. Today the direction that the market has taken is very clear and the future of packaging will be increasingly based on the concepts of automation, flexibility and sustainability and we are ready to satisfy all our customers in every phase of their project

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