A breath of novelty for Beverage and Mineral Waters

What’s new?

Simpl-Cut™ is the revolutionary new generation of Roll-Fed technology.

It offers an innovative cutting and bonding system which revolutionizes the traditional operating function of the machine.

Customers all over the world use hot glue Roll-Fed labellers. This is a very effective technology for the high-speed applications of fully wrap around labels.

Despite being widely consolidated, the traditional Roll-Fed has two disadvantages: the first regards the high costs in the maintenance of the cutting and gluing systems and the many technical interventions required. The second regards the infamous machine downtimes needed to clean the drum and other surfaces.

<<We wanted something more for our customers – explains Bruno Negri, Senior Vice President of P.E. Labellers. We know Roll-Fed machines very well, and thanks to the experience gained in fifty years of activity we also know their limits. That’s why we created Simpl-Cut, which solves these problems in a brilliant and truly revolutionary way>>.

The technology patented by P.E. offers higher quality in the labeling system, optimizing processes, reducing costs. How is it possible?

The reason is linked not to one, but to 5 evolutionary steps introduced with the Simpl-Cut solution.

The first is the cutting system, which – as the name implies – is extremely simplified. In fact, the fixed contrast blade for cutting the label, usually used in Roll-Fed machines, is eliminated. In Simpl-Cut the blade change is immediate: it can be replaced in less than a minute, without needing any adjustments. The operation is so elementary that it can be performed by any operator.


The second is the hot melt applied before cutting. In this way, the drum is always clean, and this greatly affects the optimization of the production processes of the Customers, because the horrid machine downtimes, often caused by the contamination of the glue on the drum, are eliminated. The application of hot glue before cutting, in addition to preventing blockages or jams, also avoids the downtimes for the cleaning of the drums.

The third evolutionary step: there is only one drum for cutting and transferring the label, which means a drastic reduction (almost cancellation) of maintenance. This also allows for much faster format changes.

The fourth innovation of Simpl-Cut: this technology allows for up to 5 divisions on the drum, allowing to ensure flexibility and speed never reached before. Usually a Roll-Fed machine has a number of fixed divisions (3to4). The new Simpl-Cut can instead use a variable number of divisions (3, 4 or 5) depending on the needs. Container diameter and speed in labeling are no longer limits and each container can be labeled at its ideal speed.

The fifth and new elements, is the “stress-free” low tension system. This innovative solution keeps labels in registration and enhances ability to run lower cost label materials such as lower gauge and non-laminated films. So, you can work even with thinner and more economical films. In short, it guarantees the optimal management of the labeling materials used.

<<But we didn’t stop here – continues Bruno Negri. We went further and also created the Simpl-Cut Flex version, a doubly revolutionary labeling machine. This solution proposes a further step by combining two different technologies on a single station: the roll-fed with hot glue and the linerless pre-glued. In this way, we fully meet the needs of our customers, and offer unparalleled flexibility, because you can switch from one technology to another with the maximum freedom of choice, in less than a minute and using the same drum. The Flex version also offers another great plus factor: the possibility of wraparound sleeve applications. This is a feature that the Beverage and Mineral Waters markets increasingly require today>>.

Increasingly appreciated and requested the pre-glued-linerless machines are currently used in various applications: from soft drinks to mineral waters, up to fruit juices and yogurt drinks.

For this reason, also the suppliers of pre-adhesive labels are constantly growing globally, thus guaranteeing a good supply of material to the owners of machines with adhesive technology.

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